Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 10 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Claire finishing her day healing people. She thinks about how she hasn’t been able to treat all ailments, but she’s done what she can, and she’s happy with that. It’s important for any doctor to think this way. After all, there would be ailments in the 1960s that she wouldn’t have been able to treat, so she shouldn’t expect to treat everyone.

As she heads back to the camp, she comes across Mrs. Bacon’s granddaughters. Grannie Bacon was one of Claire’s patients who hasn’t made it to the Gathering, but sent her family with gifts. One of those gifts is a cap to wear, as Grannie Bacon believes a woman in Claire’s standing should always have a cap.

It is worth remembering the time and the time period that Claire comes from. We get another glance at how things have changed over time.

The other gift is one Grannie Bacon’s daughter-in-law offers. It turns out that Grannie Bacon is connected to one of the tribes and has dauco seeds for Claire. These seeds are to help prevent pregnancy, and it’s clear Grannie Bacon understands why a woman should have some control there. We get that reminder of Nayawenne, who had mentioned the seeds and Claire had recently thought about.

After that, Claire gets back to camp and overhears Jamie mention Stephen Bonnet’s name. Has he been found? No, Jamie just wants to keep an eye out. He feels like he has a duty to make sure Bonnet ends up back in chains because it’s not safe for people with him out there. However, Claire makes a point in saying that his duty is to his family.

She wants Jamie to forget about Bonnet. It’s not likely that they will run into him, so he needs to just let Bonnet go. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, even now. It’s much harder for a man like Jamie with the upbringing he’s had.