Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 10 breakdown

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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

The foreshadowing is certainly all about Bonnet. Claire doesn’t think that they’ll ever see the man again, but it’s clear that he’s not out of their lives yet. This all connects back to Brianna and Roger’s discussion about Bree going to see Bonnet.

Bonnet knows that there’s a child out there that is his. Or at least, he thinks that. Brianna has led him to believe that Jemmy is his, and eventually, he’s going to want to do something about that.

He’ll be back…

Adapting The Fiery Cross chapter

The chapter wasn’t used all that much in Outlander Season 5. Without the Gathering, there were some elements that simply weren’t needed. They give us a great look at the day-to-day life in the Colonies, especially while at a Gathering, but the chapters take up a lot of time that could be better spent on the rest of the story.

However, thoughts of Bonnet did come up. Jamie feels that duty to get Bonnet back, but at this point, Bree, Claire, and Roger believe that he’s dead. Brianna overhears Jamie and Lord John Grey talking, and she realizes that Bonnet is alive after all.

I liked the way the show did this. Brianna had a sense of calm while believing Bonnet dead. When she realized that he was alive, she understandably feared that he would come for her and Jemmy. She had no reason to really believe that at the time, but that’s the way PTSD works. While logically we can say something in our minds, the illogical thoughts push through.

Of course, in the show, Bree’s fears turned out to be right. But she was never to know that at the time of finding out Bonnet was still alive. Had she never found that out, she could have potentially remained safe in the knowledge that he wasn’t anywhere near her.

This is something that I’ve loved about the series. It’s brought the reminder that people don’t just get over the trauma they face.

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