Will Outlander Season 8 happen?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander has been renewed, but for the first time in two renewal cycles, it’s only renewed for one season. Will Outlander Season 8 happen on STARZ?

We were certainly excited to see Outlander Season 7 confirmed. There’s no doubt that this was great news.

However, we were hoping that STARZ would pick up the series for another two seasons. Apart from the second season renewal, STARZ has offered the time-traveling series in two-season blocks.

Opting for two-season blocks was something to help reduce the length of droughtlander between seasons. The writing and pre-production work could start on the next season while the current season was still filming. Then opting for an earlier renewal before the Season 4 premiere was designed to allow that same work to start early.

The early Season 7 renewal certainly helps to continue that trend. However, there’s something a little nerve-wracking about the lack of Outlander Season 8 renewal at the same time.

Will STARZ pick up Outlander Season 8?

Admittedly, it is early to look at Season 8. Well, it’s sort of early. With the way previous renewals have happened, it’s not all too early to talk about an eighth season.

However, Season 6 is only just filming due to the pandemic. Renewing for a seventh season was already a risk of sorts. We don’t think the pandemic will lead to fans no longer tuning into the season, but there is always going to be that concern. Droughtlanders are hard, and this one is going to be the hardest.

That’s probably why Outlander Season 8 wasn’t picked up at the same time as Season 7. STARZ may be looking at bringing the story to an end.

We hope that’s not the case. There are still two more books to come, including Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, which Diana Gabaldon is still writing. We don’t get the answers about Jamie’s ghost until Book 10. Do we really want to risk a Game of Thrones situation where the show writers end up making up the story completely?

Hopefully, the lack of double renewal was just a tactical decision due to the pandemic and not knowing too much of what the future holds for filming. We’ll be sure to let you know when we know more about the future of the show.

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