Outlander Book 9 is close to being finished but there will still be a wait

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly /

There may still be a wait for Outlander Book 9 after Diana Gabaldon finishes it

Outlander Book 9 is close to being finished. Diana Gabaldon offered an update but made it very clear that doesn’t mean we’ll get to read it right away.

Over the long weekend, Diana Gabaldon shared that she is “a few weeks” away from finishing the writing of “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Done,” the ninth book in the main Outlander books. This is the first time she’s mentioned some sort of timeframe in the form of “weeks.” Usually, the comments are “soon.”

However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll have the book by the end of September. The publishers haven’t set a release date just yet. The publishers aren’t going to set a date until they have the completed manuscript to print. It’s something Gabaldon has continually reminded us, as some tweets can be lost in the shuffle of things and some people are new to social media.

It’s taken 18 months from ‘finished’ to published

The mention of the publishers not having a release date did bring up the question of how long the books have gone from being “finished” to being published. It turns out that one of the books took 18 months of being in limbo.

Diana doesn’t say which book that is, although it could have been the first one. Whichever book it was, it took 18 months and the publishers nearly handed the book back to the author and canceled the contract. The publishers just had no idea what to do with the book!

Well, we’re certainly glad that didn’t happen, especially if it was the first one. Could you imagine not having this world for us?

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As soon as we have a publish date, we’ll let you know! For now, we still have plenty of Daily Lines shared by Herself.

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