Outlander Book 9 release date not officially confirmed

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Watch out for the misinformation out there. The Outlander Book 9 release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, despite what some sources might have you think.

There’s one major question on our minds right now and that involves the Outlander Book 9 release date. Naturally, everyone wants to know when they can read the next story in the series. We know Diana Gabaldon said she’d be finished with the writing in 2019, but we’d have to wait longer for the release.

There is a lot of misinformation out there at the moment, and it’s important to look out for the wrong dates being posted. I’ve seen people say that June 5 is the release date and an Amazon UK listing state that the book would be out in October 2020.

None of these dates are official. As of the time of writing this, Diana Gabaldon hasn’t shared anything the Poisoned Pen website doesn’t have a date to share. The minute the date is official, you know that it’s going to be major news. Everyone wants to know!

If there was a date, it would be on Diana Gabaldon’s own social media accounts for sure. After all, she gets a lot of questions from fans about when the next book is out. As soon as she’s allowed to share it with us, we’ll get that news.

So, while you may have heard from a friend that Outlander Book 9 will be out in the summer or you see a date on Amazon (that’s been removed, by the way), check out the official source. Watch out for the misinformation out there. Misinformation has been a big problem lately, including with Outlander Season 5.

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What do you hope to learn in Outlander Book 9? What questions do you have after Written in My Own Heart’s Blood? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Book 9 should be released sometime in 2020.