Potential Outlander Season 5 titles revealed: Writers also possibly confirmed

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Ten out of the 12 Outlander Season 5 episodes may have had their titles and main writers revealed. Take a look at the potential titles.

There’s a post popping up in a few Outlander Facebook groups. It may have even been shared on Twitter a few times. This post offers the potential Outlander Season 5 episode titles.

And note I say “potential.” There’s no confirmation that these will be the titles of the episodes. In fact, only 10 out of the 12 episodes seem to have titles, and we know in the past that the titles have been changed before episodes have aired. For example, Season 3’s “Uncharted” was called “Turtle Soup” at one point but changed to avoid the spoiler of what would happen in that episode.

As well as sharing the potential titles, the photo on social media includes the writers of each of the episodes. These can change. After all, there’s already an inconsistency with the writer of the premiere episode. We already know that Matt B. Roberts wrote that episode, but the image with the titles says that the writer is Stephanie Shannon, the story editor on the first season of For All Mankind.

Roberts is listed as the writer for Episode 10. This is another inconsistency, as previously the showrunner had said that he had only written Episode 1 and co-written Episode 12 (the finale). We can assume that Episode 12’s is right and we know that Diana Gabaldon has written the penultimate episode.

This does suggest the whole list should be taken with a pinch of salt. There’s no guarantee that anything is correct, but it will be fun to speculate.

Potential Outlander Season 5 episode titles and writers:

Episode 1: Better to Marry Than Burn (possibly written by Stephanie Shannon or Matt B. Roberts).

This episode is Brianna and Roger’s wedding. That’s not all too surprising with the title. The “Burn” part of the title would likely refer to the idea of burning in hell for the sin of sex and children outside of wedlock.

Episode 2: Between Two Fires (possibly written by Toni Graphia and Luke Schelhaas)

It’s hard to tell, but the title could be a reference of between some celebratory fire and the fire of the cross to call the militia.

Episode 3: Famous Last Words (possibly written by Danielle Berrow)

It’s hard to take a guess at where some of these titles come from at this point. There’s so much that goes on throughout the first part of the book, and I just can’t tell what’s going to be included. So, I’m going to skip past a few titles and jump to one that I have a feeling I know what it’s going to be about.

Episode 4: Free Will (possibly written by Luke Schelhaas)

Episode 5: Mercy Shall Follow Me (possibly written by Megan Ferrell Burke)

Episode 6: Monsters and Heroes (possibly written by Shaina Fewell)

Episode 7: Perpetual Adoration (possibly written by Alyson Evans and Steve Kornacki)

Episode 8: The Ballad of Roger Mac (possibly written by Toni Graphia)

I get a sense that this is going to be one of the hardest episodes of the entire season. Those who have read “The Fiery Cross” know that something terrible happens to Roger. There were some photos leaked that suggested this was going to happen, and I get the feeling that this may be where it happens.

Those who haven’t read the books yet, be prepared. You’re not going to like what happens to Roger if I’m right about this.

Episode 9: The Company We Keep (possibly written by Barbara Stepansky)

Episode 10: The Fiery Cross (possibly written by Matthew B. Roberts)

Episode 11: TBD (written by Diana Gabaldon)

Episode 12: TBD (written by Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia)

Towards the end, we’re going to get some major battles. The Battle of Alamance will take place, which brought an end to the fight against the Regulators but arguably would eventually lead to the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

There’s something difficult coming in Episode 12. Sam Heughan had made sure to warn us, but we don’t have a title to hazard a guess. Many theories include that Murtagh may die or that a storyline involving Claire from Book 6, “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” will be brought forward to end the season.

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What do you think the titles mean? What do you hope to see in Outlander Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.