Droughtlander suggestions: Now is the time to start A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches can help Outlander fans get through Droughtlander

We’ve already suggested the All Souls Trilogy as a book series to get through Droughtlander. Now it’s time to make the TV show A Discovery of Witches a suggestion for Outlander fans.

The timing is excellent. A Discovery of Witches Season 2 will premiere in January, giving us something extra to help us get through Droughtlander. Before that, you’ll want to get caught up on the first season. With eight episodes, it won’t take long to get through them, but it is an enjoyable series to watch.

Why watch A Discovery of Witches

Before you start, you need to know what the series is about. The British-filmed show is set in the current day, and it follows Diana Bishops, a reluctant wish. When she finds a particular book that everyone in the magical world has been looking for, she becomes a target for witches, vampires, and daemons alike.

One vampire, Matthew Clairmont, decides that he needs to protect Diana. However, it’s also so he can get his hands on the book because it could help to explain why all species of magical creatures are dying out (and how to stop that). He’s not just in it for vampires, but for all magical kind.

Diana doesn’t want to help, though. She wants nothing to do with her magic and can’t even control it. That leads to her being a target to be killed.

Eventually, she decides to team up with Matthew, forming an alliance to protect the book. At the same time, they start to fall in love.

Why this is a series for Outlander fans

While it is a good series, why is it something for Outlander fans? After all, it’s not exactly set in the past, right?

Well, the first season is set in the current day. The second season will be partially set in Elizabethan England. That’s further into the past than Claire travels, but still offers some of the beautiful costumes and settings. The books also have a lot of detail and historical research which should be included in the second season.

For the first season, it’s all about the love story between Matthew and Diana. They are on two sides of a magical war, but they are drawn to each other. Despite everything and everyone telling them to stay away, they can’t help but need to be with each other!

That doesn’t mean their relationship is perfect. Unlike so many other relationships on TV shows and in books, the two will have arguments. They don’t always see eye to eye, and they both think they know the best for themselves. They have to learn to trust each other, which never comes easy, especially when you’re two different species of magical creatures.

Their relationship reminds me a little of Claire and Jamie’s. After all, the Frasers are definitely not perfect (although some would love to think that Jamie is the perfect man). They’re human; they have their flaws. It’s the flaws in the character traits that make people all the more interesting.

Diana and Matthew also put themselves in the middle of a fight to protect others. They don’t really need to. While magical species are dying out, they could just pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Matthew could just let Diana be killed and continue his own work. Diana could just walk away from Matthew and turn to her aunts only. Instead, they realize they are stronger together, and the world needs them.

What are you watching to get through Droughtlander? Let us know in the comments below.

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