Listen to Sam Heughan tell the story of The Gille Dubh

Sam Heughan recently lent his voice to tell a Gairloch folk tale

Sam Heughan certainly has been keeping busy during this Droughtlander, especially with Graham McTavish.

Both have their new book, Clanlands, coming out Nov. 3, a new docuseries, Men in Kilts, and on Oct. 11 the two participated in New York Comic Con’s virtual “Sam Heughan vs. Graham McTavish Trivia Deathmatch” where the two had to see how well they know each other. (Spoiler alert, Graham definitely knows Sam better!)

Telling the story of Gille Dubh

But just recently, Sam shared that he worked on a new project on his own and lent his voice to tell a story. Our favorite Scottish actor narrated an animated Gairloch folk tale, Gille Dubh: Last of the Fairies.

Gairloch is a village in the North-West Highlands of Scotland. Sam recorded the fairytale for the Gairloch Museum in English. There is also a Gaelic version.

The description of the video on the museum’s YouTube account reads:

This intriguing new animation shares a piece of Gairloch’s local folklore: the story of the Gille Dubh who was believed to live out at Loch an Draing, near Inverasdale.

The three-minute tale tells the story of Jessie MacRae who gets lost in the woods. She meets the last of the fairies, the shy Gille Dubh, who helps the young girl find her way home. I won’t spoil the rest for those who haven’t watched it yet.

Sam’s storytelling skills

You’ll notice that Sam narrates the story in the accent he uses as Jamie in Outlander instead of his own. I don’t know if that was a choice Sam made or if it was asked of him. Either way, he sure does have a great storytelling voice. I could listen to him tell a story all day!

The Outlander actor definitely likes to keep busy. I wonder if he’ll consider doing more voiceover work for a bigger project? I know we’d all support that!

Take a listen at the full story below:

What do you think about Sam’s storytelling skills? Do you think he should do more voiceover work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.