5 best Jamie moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4

Jamie’s standout moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4

While Claire searched for any trace of Jamie during Outlander Season 3, Episode 4, Jamie faced heartbreak and turmoil. It’s time to look back at his strongest moments from the episode.

It’s hard to say “best” when it comes to this episode. After all, “Of Lost Things” is one of the hardest emotionally. Jamie has to say goodbye to another person, this time his son. Because of the performances throughout, this is one of my favorite episodes of the entire season.

This is a chance to look back at the episode on the anniversary of it airing. Here are my five favorite Jamie moments throughout Outlander Season 3, Episode 4.

A talk of cages

This is more of an Isabel moment, but there is something from Jamie that stands out for me in this scene. Sam Heughan is one of those actors who says a lot without saying anything at all. That’s clear in this scene.

Isabel talks of cages—”a cage is still a cage”—and while she’s talking about horses, it seems like she could be talking about Jamie as well. Or maybe other prisoners. She has a heart, something that many people in her position never seem to have. Jamie has this look as if to say he agrees on another level, but he just can’t say it.

Throwing Geneva in the mud

Geneva is a woman of her privilege and time. I’m not going to hold that against her, as I don’t put modern-day views on a period drama. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh when she gets a little karma thrown her way.

After “falling” off her horse, Jamie rushes to her. He may not like her, but that doesn’t mean he wants her hurt. However, when he does see she’s fine, he throws her back in the mud. He’s not playing games with her.

Outlander Season 3 — Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ

The night with Geneva

All this does eventually lead to Geneva finding out from Hal Grey that Jamie was a Jacobite prisoner. She uses it to blackmail him into bed.

Yes, this is part of the story fans hate. In today’s world, it would be rape. However, in the 18th century, this sort of coercion wasn’t rape. It was wrong, but it wasn’t rape at the standards of the time.

Jamie does go see Geneva and makes her first time as special as possible. He has empathy for her. She may be surrounded by wealth and privilege, but she’s still trapped in a life she doesn’t want. He understands that, and he wants to give her something good in life. It’s a show of his heart, and that’s what I love about this scene.

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Asking Lord John Grey to look out for Willie

With Willie growing up and looking more and more like Jamie, Jamie realizes that he can’t stay at Helwater. He takes the Dunsany’s offer of the pardon, but that means leaving his son behind. He needs someone good to care for the boy.

So, he turns to Lord John Grey. We see how far this friendship has gone. Jamie is even willing to offer himself in payment—and knows Lord John is the man Jamie thought he was when he turns Jamie down.

Saying goodbye

Finally, it’s one of the most heartbreaking moments of Outlander Season 3. Jamie rides away from Willie, refusing to look back. However, there is this moment where he thinks about it. He wants to say goodbye, but he knows that it would offer Willie hope that he’ll return. Jamie can’t do that.

Instead, Jamie rides away with tears in his eyes. He just hopes that his son will be raised well by Lord John Grey and Isabel Dunsany.

What were your favorite Jamie moments from Outlander Season 3, Episode 4? Share them in the comments below.

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