Outlander Book Club: When will we start Outlander Book 3, Voyager?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

A start date for Outlander Book 3 in the Outlander Book Club

With finishing Outlander Book 2 yesterday, you may have expected to start Outlander Book 3 today. We’re not starting right away.

I have a plan, and I think when you look at the length of time it can take to read Voyager, you may like my plan. We’ll start the third book in the series on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

That gives everyone the weekend to get caught up on the second book if you fell behind. It also gives us the weekend to take a breather from the story of Claire and Jamie and get ready for a few chapters of them separated by 200 years.

I was going to start a little later and I know a Tuesday is an odd day to start, but there are 63 chapters in Voyager and I have a plan. When I looked at how long it would take to read the chapters, I realized we had to start a little earlier to finish when I wanted.

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Reading Monday to Friday up to Christmas

By starting on Tuesday, we’ll be reading Outlander Book 3 all the way up to Christmas. I’ll be sticking to the weekday breakdowns only. It worked much better for me throughout the second book, and I think it gave a few people time to catch up when running behind on a couple of chapters. It certainly took the pressure off those longer chapters in the book!

There are a few longer chapters in Voyager. A good number go over the hour mark, although I didn’t see any three-hour chapters at first glance. As always, I’ll be able to give you a heads-up when it comes to those chapters.

By reading one a weekday from Tuesday, it will take us up to Christmas Eve. We get to go into Christmas Day with Claire and Jamie back together, beginning their journey into the New World, which we’ll then start in the New Year.

It just feels right to do it this way.

Get ready to join us on Tuesday, Sept. 29!

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Which is your favorite part of Voyager? Share in the comments below.

Outlander Book 3 breakdowns begin on Tuesday, Sept. 29.