5 best Outlander Season 5 episodes to rewatch

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 8
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Episode 8: Famous Last Words

The next episode is the one that sits in second place for me. This is all about Roger dealing with his trauma, so those who know me probably aren’t that surprised that it’s one of my favorite Outlander Season 5 episodes. Roger is one of my favorite characters (book and show), and this episode has my favorite Roger moment from the whole season.

It’s the creative choices that make this episode stand out so much. I think those who suffer from PTSD appreciate the episode more than those who don’t, mostly because it’s much easier to understand the details. We see into Roger’s mind through these excessive silent movie flashbacks, bringing a sense of his time but also getting a sense of how much he can’t stop them. Little things make him remember being hanged.

The episode also brings Young Ian back. It was much earlier than I expected, but I loved that it happened. Both of these men have hidden trauma and pain. They both save each other in the end, and I hope to see that bond continue into Outlander Season 6.

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Episode 12: Never My Love

It’s hard to say that a harrowing episode is my favorite, but it all comes down to the creative choices. We get a chance to see how Claire survives in the Outlander Season 5 finale. She trusts that Jamie will come for her. Now, all she has to do is hold on for him to come. She does that through the dreamscape, which is filled with so many beautiful Outlander Easter eggs.

The episode also gives us a look at how far Jamie will go to protect Claire. He lit the fiery cross, something he promised he would only do in times of war. The Battle of Alamance didn’t make him light the cross but saving Claire did.

Finally, it’s all about Marsali. She has this moment of strength, where she steps up and does what many of us probably thought we would do—but we’d question whether we could do it at the time. She killed Lionel Brown making a stand for her family; making it clear that Claire is her family.

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