All the Outlander Easter eggs throughout the fantasy world in the Season 5 finale

Claire's safe place was full of Outlander Easter eggs from the past. Some of them were from the first season and others from the previous episode.

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Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ

There were many connections to previous episodes of Outlander in the fantasy world. It's natural that Claire would pull from the past to make her feel safe. It's time to break down the fantasy for all the hidden Easter eggs.

Some of the Easter eggs were connected to moments when she felt the safest. Others brought in memories of strength and pride. Take a look through and see if we missed anything.

Season 1 Jamie

While everyone else was dressed in clothing from the 1960s, Jamie was dressed in clothing from the past. His hair and style were everything from the first season—the time Claire met Jamie and would have felt her safest and lightest. After all, while there was a bounty on Jamie's head and Claire was tried as a witch at one point, this was a time long before a lot of the drama.

The only difference was the clothing. Jamie wore pants and he had his leather jacket. Claire had spent so much time with Jamie dressed like this, it may have been difficult to imagine the kilt and jacket from the past.

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Other moments from the first season

It wasn't just Jamie from Outlander Season 1. The vase was something Claire kept focusing on, which was the vase from the pilot episode. It's the vase that Claire thought about buying, and in this time, she did decide to get it.

Then there was the wallpaper, which matched that of the laird's bedroom at Lallybroch. Of course, Lallybroch would have been her safe place.

Jamie says "blood of my blood," and there's the wrapping of her in the shawl. There are a few other lines throughout the fantasy world that all connect back to words he'd said in the past. "Shaking so hard you're making my teeth rattle" connected back to the pilot episode when Claire met Jamie.

All these lines will have taken Claire back to simpler times.

There is also a mention of sweet potatoes. This is a connection back to Claire telling Jenny to plant potatoes in the first season; a way to survive the upcoming famine. It's a reminder to fight for survival.

Connections to the second season

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Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ

There were a few connections back to the second season. One of the obvious is Murtagh's mention of Prestonpans, which was an important battle in the Jacobite cause; one that they won.

At one point, Germain is playing with a toy dragonfly. While the dragonfly in amber was given to Claire in the first season, there's also a couple of second season references. Claire saw the dragonfly in amber in the Culloden museum in the final episode. There's also the moment a young Roger was playing with the toy airplane in a similar way to Germain.

The most important one is the orange. This is something that has a lot of people stumped but it comes back to Claire's time in Paris.

After sleeping with the king to free Jamie, Claire picked up an orange and walked away. The orange reminded her of the dignity she held after the events, and the sacrifice she made for the man she loved. It all comes back to Claire's strength and dignity that she still holds despite everything that happened to her. She refuses to break her oath and hurt Lionel despite everything he has done to her.

Of course, we can't overlook the red dress. This is a connection back to the red dress in Paris; of happier times with Jamie.

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Third season connections

Brianna and Roger's car accident is an immediate connection to the third season. It does also connect us back to the fourth and fifth seasons. At this point, Claire is sure that she's lost her daughter for good and that plays a part in this fantasy world as reality bleeds in.

However, the car accident is a connection to the way her parents and Frank were killed. Okay, so her parents are mentioned in the first season but Frank was killed in the third season. With it being Brianna, my mind was on Frank more than Claire's parents.

Then there's the rabbit that Claire sees. This rabbit is a connection to the Culloden battlefield and to all the rabbit references throughout the third season. It's a symbol of new life, which suggests that Claire is focusing on getting through the ordeal (or she wishes for a life like her fantasy world).

I didn't see as many Season 3 connections in the fantasy world, but there are some in the rest of the episode. When Claire does see Brianna after the attack, she says "I didn't think I'd ever see you again." This is a connection back to "A. Malcolm," when Jamie mentions he didn't think he'd ever see Claire again.

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Connections to the fourth and fifth seasons

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Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ

Most of the Season 4 and 5 connections were in the real world. However, there are a couple from the fantasy world that are important.

The abstract painting that looks like the house on fire is a connection to the newspaper clipping that brought Bree and Roger from the future. To some, the painting is just the Ridge, which is Claire focusing on home and Jamie. However, I do see some flames, which could be the dangers to come seeping through.

The house Claire and Jamie are living in looks like the house from the magazine we saw during Claire's flashback to the 1960s. And there's the microscope that connects back to the penultimate episode of Jamie looking at his own sperm.

Many other connections in the real world included Brianna telling Claire that she had Bree's hand and ear, something that Lizzie told Bree during Season 4. There was the storm rolling in, connecting to Lord John Grey's mention of a storm coming. And we can't forget the crooked post, connecting to Claire and Jamie's first setting the posts when building the cabin in Season 4.

Jamie also said to Claire "You are alive. You are whole" when he saved her. These were the words he said to Roger after Roger was hanged.

So much work went into the Outlander Season 5 finale. This is one of those episodes you'll see more of with each rewatch. Things will stand out that never did before. Despite how traumatic Claire's storyline is, there is so much beauty to cling onto throughout.

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Connections with subsequent viewings

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Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks, STARZ

This is one of those episodes you need to watch more than once. There are connections you'll see with each new watch—something you never saw the first time. This is a beauty of this type of episode, and I'm sure it's something that was planned.

Here are the extra connections I've spotted the more I watch the episode. I'll keep the connections to the fantasy world and not other parts of the episode that certainly had throwbacks to previous episodes.

Season 1:

The record player is similar to one in the first season. It can also be a connection to sounds and items from a safer time.

There are reports of a photo of Lallybroch on top of the TV. This isn't the case, unless it's since been added in. There wasn't a photo on top of the TV during the initial airing and looks to have been photoshopped in by a fan.

Season 2:

The clock on the wall is a connection to the second season. There's an ornament with a similar design on the altar in the hospital. This clock also looks like a sun, which could be a connection to King Louis, who was known as the Sun King.

Germain plays with a dragonfly. While this is a connection to Roger playing with a toy airplane, it's also a connection to the dragonfly in amber that was lost at Culloden.

Season 3:

The television set that you can see as Claire walks away with the orange is the same TV as the one in Outlander Season 3. It's the one Claire and her family watch one of the Apollo takeoffs from.

When Jamie wraps Claire in the shawl, he tells her not to be afraid. It's just the two of them now. This is something Jamie tells Claire in the print shop.

Season 4:

The dripping from the ceiling is supposedly a connection to Season 4 in the cabin. There was a drip from the ceiling. I actually thought the drip was a connection to the outside world seeping into the dreamscape.

Season 5:

The nail polish that Claire is working is the same we see her wearing in the title card that involved the magazine with the house. This is something I spotted thanks to the Inside the World segment.

Marsali mentions Ringo Starr, which connects to Donner on the Outlander Season 5 finale.

We've noted the patch that Young Ian wears. It's a Mohawk patch, which denotes that he's part of that tribe. However, wearing the patch on the left is a sign of a tribe he's left. In the show, he's left the Mohawks now.

I know I said I was keeping things just to the dreamscape, but there's something else to consider when Marsali kills Lionel. Not only is this with a new syringe after Lionel broke the other, but Marsali's words are similar to Lionels. He makes a comment about wasting good medicine on Isaiah, while Marsali comments about wasting good medicine on Lionel.

As we see more, we'll be sure to add them here.

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What did you see during the fantasy world that connected you back to earlier episodes of Outlander? Share in the comments below.

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