The No. 1 Roger moment from Outlander Season 5

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Breaking down my favorite Roger moment from Outlander Season 5

There were some excellent Roger moments throughout Outlander Season 5. Up to Episode 8, we saw some of the most development, and there's no doubt that Episode 8 included some of Roger's strongest development of all time.

It shouldn't be surprising that my favorite moment of Roger's from the whole season comes from Episode 8. I fully appreciated the use of the silent movie flashbacks, and how they felt overpowering and somewhat annoying (that was the point of them as we understood how Roger felt).

Richard Rankin spent the majority of the episode acting through his facial expressions and body language. We understood every emotion. So, what was the moment that stood out, and why?

The need to protect a child

My #1 Roger moment from Outlander Season 5 was when Jemmy was just about to reach for the hot kettle. Roger was the only one who saw it but wouldn't have been able to run to Jemmy in time to stop him. Yet, he knew that Jemmy could be scarred for life if that boiling water fell on him.

So, despite his silence toward everyone else, Roger cried out. It was the first word he spoke since being hanged, and it was all to save Jemmy.

Despite that thought that Jemmy could have been Stephen Bonnets, Roger had made it clear that he was Jem's father. He was claiming paternity, and he would raise Jemmy as his own son. And this moment made that extremely clear.

Roger's actions were that of a father. They were that of a parent so terrified that their child was going to do something dangerous that he forgot everything about himself. He wouldn't speak to anyone else, but he would cry out to save his son. He would do anything he could to protect Jemmy, and this moment, for me, proved that.

It took longer for Roger to beat the full trauma he faced. There was much more needed to remember the light in the darkness—the face that saved him. But none of that mattered when it came to protecting his son.

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What was your #1 Roger moment from Outlander Season 5? Why did that moment stand out for you? Share in the comments below.

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