The No. 1 Brianna moment from Outlander Season 5

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Why I picked my No. 1 Brianna moment from Outlander Season 5

There were some excellent Brianna moments throughout Outlander Season 5. In fact, it was hard to pick the No. 1 moment of all.

Something that I disliked at the beginning was seeing Brianna as just a mother. It was like the rest of her qualities were forgotten about. And yet, it’s her being a mother that I picked as the No. 1 moment.

I will admit that it was hard, though. There were a handful of contenders for this moment. At one point, I put the moment she shot Bonnet as the top moment and the creation of the syringe was certainly up there. So what was it about saving Jemmy from the bison (or buffalo depending on what you want to call it) that stood out?

It was a relatable, sacrificial moment

Out of all the female characters, Brianna is the one that I can connect the most to. Maybe it’s why I’m willing to defend her actions as much as I do.

She’s a woman out of her time. While she has skills to help her fit into the 18th century, she’s been raised in the 20th century. She has the ideals of a woman from the 1970s, which means she wants to fight for rights and has opinions that she wants to share.

I think I’d fit into the past as well as she does. I wouldn’t have the herb skills that Claire does, so I’d be left trying to find a place a little like Brianna. And looking at her journey throughout Outlander Season 5, it’s easy to understand why she throws herself into being a mother.

But that’s not the big reason this moment was chosen. It’s a moment that allows us to see what is extremely important to Bree. She will do anything for Jemmy, including risking her life. Nothing else matters to her in this moment but keeping her son safe, and as a mother, I can fully relate to that.

When watching Bree in this moment, I get a similar feeling to when Roger cried out to protect Jemmy. Whether she believes Jemmy is Roger’s or Bonnet’s son, he is her son. She will raise him to be the best man he can be, and she will die to protect him if she must.

We’ve not really seen this side of Brianna. While we’ve seen her put herself at risk by traveling through time to warn Claire and Jamie of a fire, it wasn’t immediate risk. Plus, she planned to return. This was the first time she knew there was a high chance her actions could lead to death or permanent injury, but she was willing to take those risks for her child. Most of us mothers would do the same.

This moment allowed for so much growth. And as much as I adore we got to see her compassion and her skills, I also love that we’ve seen her grow into a loving and brave mother.

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