Outlander book club starting in June on Claire and Jamie

Claire and Jamie is bringing an Outlander book club in June, starting with the first book

We all need a way to get through Droughtlander. This one is going to be the longest since filming can’t start until lockdowns in Scotland have come to an end. What better way to get through Droughtlander than with the Outlander book club?

Here are Claire and Jamie, we thought it a great way to get through Droughtlander. Every day, we’ll read a chapter of the books, starting with the very first book. This is a way for new and old fans to get involved.

With each chapter, we’ll bring a breakdown. There’s going to be something for the first-time readers, something for those who have read the books before, and a section to connect back to the TV show. Everything will be on three separate slides so you can read what you want as part of the book club.

Don’t want to be spoiled for things coming up in the books? You can skip to the third slide of each Outlander book club for the connection to the TV slide and stay on the first slide for a first-timer breakdown. If you want spoilers or you’ve read the books before and want to see our connections and foreshadowing thoughts, then the second slide will be for you.

The Outlander book club begins on June 1, 2020. We’ll start with the very first chapter of the very first book. Reading one chapter a day won’t take too long, and there are lots of ways to join in. You can buy the physical books, read on your eBook reader, or join in with Audible. In fact, we’ll be reading and listening as sometimes it can offer a different meaning or something different stands out.

This will continue throughout Droughtlander and beyond. June 1 is just a great date to start since it’s the anniversary of the first book being published 29 years ago! Wow!

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