Outlander Season 2, Episode 6 ratings throwback: Relatively stable episode

Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander Season 2, Episode 6 saw Jamie take the fight to Black Jack Randall despite his promise. How did the ratings look for the episode?

Claire and Jamie decided to use Claire’s medical knowledge to prevent Culloden. It would all come crashing down with Jamie going back on his word. Here’s a look back at the ratings for Outlander Season 2, Episode 6, which aired for the first time on this day in history.

Titled “Best Laid Schemes,” the ratings remained relatively stable from the previous episode. In fact, the total demo was the same as the previous episode. It was the total audience that saw a 9% drop, but it did remain above a million viewers according to TV Series Finale.

Of course, STARZ didn’t have to worry about the live ratings at this point. With the STARZ App, it was able to determine the success of the show through definitive numbers. And it’s clear that more people now watch through the app than live on the channel. Outlander Season 5 is one of the most-watched seasons, despite the live ratings being the lowest.

But let’s focus on Outlander Season 2, Episode 6. The episode saw Claire and Jamie take steps to prevent Culloden from happening. They needed to prevent Bonnie Prince Charlie getting the funds he needed for success. However, it would all be for nothing.

We’d already known at this point that the attempts to prevent Culloden were futile. This episode gave a look at why, and it all came down to Black Jack Randall.

Despite promising Claire a year, Jamie went back on it. We know why—it was all for Fergus—but at this point, Claire didn’t. All she believed was that Jamie couldn’t keep his word when it came to Black Jack Randall. When you look at it purely from Claire’s point of view, it’s easy to see why she assumed what she did.

Jamie’s actions would lead to him being arrested and locked up in the Bastille. This would be the beginning of the end of their time in France.

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