Happy birthday, Colonel: May 1 marks Jamie Fraser’s birthday

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

In the Outlander books, Jamie’s birthday falls on May 1. It’s a day to reflect, especially as he’s just turned 50 in the TV series.

Jamie Fraser was born on May 1 in the Outlander books. The TV show is up for debate, but it’s around this time of year. Either way, today is a day to reflect on Jamie’s life, especially as he turned 50 in the TV series.

Just before the Battle of Alamance, Claire caught Jamie taking stock. It’s a moment from the books, as Jamie reflects on his life throughout the last 50 years. This birthday is a big one for him, and not just because he’s live half a century.

His father never made it to 50. As he reflects on his life, he also admits that he doesn’t really have a roadmap anymore. He doesn’t have his father’s life to follow or to guide him, as he is now older than his dad will ever be.

On top of that, he’s dealing with a lot of change in his life up to this point. After decades of life in Scotland, he’d made it to the Colonies—albeit accidentally—a few years earlier. He’s made a life here, but he’s also had to make some sacrifices. The birthday on Outlander Season 5 is heavy with the Battle of Alamance coming.

Jamie has had to side with the British to deal with the Regulators, a side that includes his godfather, Murtagh. He’s had to find a way to support Murtagh without anyone realizing it, and the events that he knows will play out are weighing heavy on him.

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However, he tries to be happy and grateful. Claire tries to celebrate in a small way. However, this birthday feels a little more solemn than the previous ones if we’re looking at it from a show point of view.

With where the story is in the books (Book 8), things are a little brighter.

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Happy birthday, Jamie Fraser!