Why would Jocasta goad Forbes into action on Outlander Season 5, Episode 10?

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

When Jocasta does something, she does it for a reason. So what was her reasoning for goading Forbes on Outlander Season 5, Episode 10?

Jocasta played a game on Outlander Season 5, Episode 10, and she almost paid for it with her life. It was clear she was manipulating Forbes, but why would that be? It all links to some things she left unsaid when hinting at particular events.

One thing that I like about the series is that there’s a lot of inference. You have to pay attention and understand a character. This isn’t bad writing. In fact, it’s great writing. When you watch something a second or third time, you see they layers created. You pick up more on particular statements made in a conversation.

When it comes to Jocasta, it was clear from the look on her face that she was having fun with Forbes. She wanted to rile him in a way that she wanted to rile Roger at his wedding. This is a woman who is cunning and knows how to get people to act in anger.

During Outlander Season 5, Episode 10, she tells Forbes that she received word from Jamie. Now, she tells him that there is a new baby at the Ridge and she wants to help set them up, but it’s clear there’s a bigger game here. What she’s actually heard from Jamie is that Gerald Forbes has been working with Stephen Bonnet to get his hands on River Run.

Forbes makes a note that by giving away some of the fortune to Marsali and Fergus, Brianna and Roger, and the children, the money will come from River Run. It means Jemmy’s inheritance is less. That’s something Jocasta already understands, but she doesn’t care. After all, she’s playing a game. I mean, she purposely asks Forbes if he’s writing everything down.

You can see a sly look on her face. She’s waiting for him to explain why he is so annoyed that she’s giving away some of Jemmy’s inheritance to others. It wouldn’t matter to him. Not under normal circumstances. However, with Forbes working with Bonnet, it means that Forbes’s cut is going to be much less.

When Forbes mentions that he’ll lose his money, you can tell Jocasta knows something. That “your money?” line doesn’t have the surprise that it should have. She’s already been warned.

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Jocasta likely doesn’t think that Forbes will try to kill her the way he does. However, he plays into her hand and shows his colors. Fortunately, Ulysses is listening out for the bell and when it’s knocked, he can rush in to save Jocasta.

What we get a glance at is Ulysses’s feelings for Jocasta, but also the way the MacKenzie/Fraser family is working as a unit. Jamie trusts Jocasta to warn her about Forbes’s involvement with Bonnet and what it could mean if Bonnet gets his hands on Jemmy. Jamie is looking out for Jocasta, and Jocasta is being her usual manipulative self.

It’s not all stated clearly, but that’s the point of inference. Do we really need everything spelled out for us? I like to be able to piece the puzzle together to get to know the characters a little more. And in the end, it all links back to the premiere episode when she goaded Roger.

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