5 best moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 9

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 9
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2. Young Ian’s words about lost limbs

As Jamie made it clear that he’d rather die than lose a limb, Young Ian pointed out a lot of flaws in Jamie’s argument. He had the chance to remind Jamie of Ian Murray losing a leg and of Fergus losing a hand. This was a moment for Young Ian to call Jamie out on his hypocrisy.

It’s a flaw that we don’t like to admit Jamie has, but he can be a hypocrite at times. And this was one of those moments. It brings out the human in him. Of course he was going to fear losing a limb. It changes his abilities and some will fear that it changes who they are.

However, when everyone else was just trying to convince Jamie it wasn’t that bad, Young Ian was the one to get through to him. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and showed his love for his parents at the same time.

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1. More Fergus!

Something we’ve been asking for throughout Outlander Season 5 is to see more Fergus. Episode 9 finally delivered. And we need more of our favorite Frenchman after this.

However, Fergus’s scenes certainly stood out for good reasons. They were a chance for Fergus to show that the loss of his hand isn’t all that bad. He and Marsali try to focus on everything they do have instead of dwindling on the bad. Of course, the bad gets in the way sometimes, but for the most part, they look at the good.

We also see Fergus step up when Marsali needed him. He was scared about delivering his own daughter, but he was there when Marsali knew that she couldn’t get back to the Big House in time. She couldn’t deliver the baby alone and Fergus was the husband he had to be. I love this couple so much!

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