We need more Fergus Fraser on Outlander Season 5

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Outlander Season 5 is proving to be one of the best seasons yet, with very engaging storylines for its characters. Except Fergus Fraser.

We haven’t seen all the episodes of Outlander Season 5 yet, but it’s already become a favorite of mine after Season 1. The season and its characters’ storylines are strong with most of it captivating me the same way the first season did. However, there’s one character I wish we were seeing more of this year.

Based on a Cheat Sheet article, some fans wish there was more Fergus this season and I couldn’t agree more. He’s not just a friend or acquaintance of the Frasers. He was basically Jamie and Claire’s son in Season 2 and became Jamie’s son as the years went by without Claire.

And let’s not forget, in Season 3, Episode 2, Fergus was one of the main reasons Jamie snapped out of his isolated life in the cave after a Redcoat cut off his hand. Though Jamie went to prison for turning himself in, the incident with the boy he loved brought him back to reality. Fergus was that turning point for him.

He’s not just connected to our two leads though. He has a history with Murtagh, probably became closer to Brianna and Roger offscreen than on, and is very close friends with Young Ian, who has just come back. And of course, he’s married to Marsali, who has gotten more screen time herself this season. While I love the storyline the writers have created for Marsali, I wish they put in the same effort for Fergus.


All the main characters of Season 5, he’s connected to. That’s why it’s so frustrating that we’re eight episodes in and Fergus has basically had nothing this season. He’s just become a side character who’s in the background and says a line in probably one scene of each episode, if even that.

This is really disappointing because Fergus really is a fan favorite and there’s so much potential for this character. The writers aren’t shy about adding their own storylines, like Marsali’s, and they could have easily created one for our handsome Frenchman. I really feel for the writers because there’s so much plot and story to tell and so little screen time, but Fergus deserves better.

The scene in the Outlander Season 5 premiere episode when the men of Fraser’s Ridge make their oaths to Jamie and he says, “stand by my hand, Fergus. Son of my name and of my heart,” was such a small moment but it’s one of my favorites. Fergus has been loyal to Jamie all these years, and I wish we had more heartwarming moments between these two men.

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I’m also really disappointed we haven’t gotten any Fergus and Claire scenes. They were so close in Paris and I loved their bond. Even if he’s an adult now and she’d been away from him for 20 years by the time they saw each other again, it would be nice to see some more Claire and Fergus scenes.

Also, after all that Fergus and Marsali went through to be together back in Season 3 you would think there would be more scenes of them together with their growing family.

I mean we didn’t even see him at the Battle of Alamance, his reaction when Murtagh died, or even at the funeral. Again, he’s known Murtagh since he was a young boy and the two had a strong bond. His reaction and how Murtagh’s death might be affecting him is important too. Even if it’s just a small scene with Jamie, Claire, and Fergus sitting down to talk about him, I’ll take it at this point.


I am an optimistic person though. We have a few more episodes to go so I’m going to hold out hope that we’re going to see more Fergus. If not, I hope the writers realize their mistake going into Season 6 and give Fergus a proper storyline and more screen time.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think we need more Fergus this season? Share in the comments.

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