Outlander Season 5: Could Brianna have to face Bonnet?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

The second part of Outlander Season 5 is reportedly big for Brianna. Old faces may return. Does that mean Bree and Bonnet will come face to face?

Brianna hasn’t had much of her own storyline on Outlander Season 5 so far, but that’s about to change. It turns out someone from the past may return. Could that mean Brianna will have to face Stephen Bonnet?

In an interview with Collider, Sophie Skelton talked about the things to come for Brianna in the next part of the season. She has a big journey, dealing with everything that’s happened to her husband while raising her son. And she may need to deal with her rapist coming back.

Skelton says “some old characters may or may not come back,” which hints that we could see her face Bonnet. This is something Brianna has feared since learning that Bonnet is still alive. We’ve seen Bonnet in Wilmington and Bonnet now knows that Jemmy owns River Run, but for now, Bree and Jemmy have been safe at Fraser’s Ridge.

Is that going to remain the case?

In “The Fiery Cross,” Bonnet doesn’t actually show up at Fraser’s Ridge. From what I remember, Brianna has a nightmare that Bonnet takes Jemmy but that doesn’t happen. She doesn’t face her nightmare until “A Breath of Snow and Ashes.” Instead, Bonnet was supposed to be at Jocasta’s wedding, but that didn’t happen in Outlander Season 5 for various reasons.

The writers have brought some Book 6 storylines forward, such as the plague at Fraser’s Ridge. It’s possible that Bonnet’s storyline could be brought forward. Right now, he has every reason to want Jemmy. He’ll want to use Jemmy to own River Run.

Skelton shares that we’ll get to see into Bonnet’s mind in Episode 10. Maybe this is when the two will come face-to-face. We can speculate, right?

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Do you think Bonnet and Brianna should face each other? What do you think Bonnet will do next? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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