Does the locusts story on Outlander Season 5 come from the books?

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Roger and Brianna dealt with locusts at the Ridge during Outlander Season 5, Episode 6. Was this a storyline that came from the books?

One of the big stories in Outlander Season 5, Episode 6 was the locusts at Fraser’s Ridge. Roger and Brianna had some big decisions to make. But something that many show-first or Showlander fans want to know is whether this was a story from the books.

If you vaguely remember it as a book fan but can’t remember where it happened, that’s understandable. While this is definitely a story from the Outlander books, it doesn’t happen in the same way. It doesn’t even happen at the same time.

In “The Fiery Cross,” both Brianna and Roger go to Jocasta’s wedding. There was no way they were going to miss it, but that was changed for the show. The locusts show up as a problem during “A Breath of Snow and Ashes,” which is the sixth book in the series. Claire and Brianna are the ones that help to deal with the situation, and there is burning of some crops to manage the problem.

So, why change the storyline? This was a chance for the show to continue to offer Brianna and Roger a chance to work together. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matt B. Roberts shares that the locust story gave the writers a chance to show the ever-evolving relationship between the couple.

Having Roger and Bree deal with it also offered something else. It gave Roger a chance to show that he does have a purpose in the 18th century. It shows that his education can help with problems that arise. He’s doubted his abilities to help with the militia and live in the 18th century, and this has been an important development.

Now, I know the books developed Roger very differently at this point. However, for Show Roger, the development has been on point for me. I’ve enjoyed it because he’s been relatable to me as a viewer, and this moment continues that.

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