Outlander recap: Why does Jamie take Frank’s ring from Claire?

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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ
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We have a wedding, a swarm of locusts, and a card game. Here’s everything that happened throughout Outlander Season 5, Episode 6.

There’s a wedding, a card game, and a swarm of locusts in Outlander Season 5, Episode 6. It’s time for the recap of the episode’s events.

The episode took place with two main storylines. Claire and Jamie spent time at River Run, while Brianna and Roger ran the day-to-day life at Fraser’s Ridge. Because of that, we’ll split the recap into two parts.

Starting with a flashback

The episode kicks off with a flashback to just after Culloden. Jocasta, her husband, and her daughter are traveling at great speed when they’re stopped by some Redcoats. It all looks fine until one of the Redcoats spots a small chest on the underside of the carriage. It’s a collection of gold from the French, and we now get confirmation that the Camerons were on the Jacobite’s side.

Hector kills the Redcoats, but it comes at a price. His daughter steps in the way of the gun believing her father to be in danger and is killed by the shot. Hector and Jocasta leave their daughter’s body in the mud and head off on their journey, but Jocasta does take her daughter’s ribbon, which she has the day before her wedding to Duncan Innes.

In the present day, we see Jocasta sign the legal papers for River Run. She will act as guardian until Jemmy MacKenzie is of age to take over the plantation. Duncan Innes clearly doesn’t get a choice, although Jocasta claims that he agrees with this.

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Later in the episode, Murtagh turns up with Ulysses bringing him into the house. It’s a sweet reunion, as you can tell both love each other. He has a gift of a necklace to match the broach that holds the piece of plaid on his jacket. However, that’s not the only reason he’s here. He wants Jocasta not to marry Duncan and to wait for him.

It’s terrible timing and it’s not like Jocasta can marry him. Murtagh is a wanted man. As much as Jocasta loves Murtagh, she can’t possibly not marry Duncan. Jocasta tells Murtagh that she lost everything because of Hector and Murtagh’s cause is just like the Jacobite one. She can’t live through the horrors of another rebellion. She can’t be with another man who will do everything for something he believes in.

With that, Jocasta gives Murtagh the necklace back and tells Murtagh to leave. Murtagh doesn’t leave without an “I love you,” but it’s not enough. It looks like things between Murtagh and Jocasta are over. However, he does leave the gift for her on the table.