Hey, Outlander, can Brianna have her own storylines please?

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Brianna's storylines have been lacking on Outlander Season 5. Can Bree have her own storylines instead of being support for other characters?

I'll admit that I went into Outlander Season 5 worried about Brianna's storyline. At the same time, I still want to be patient. I want to see if there's going to be a course diversion on the storyline. However, right now, Brianna is just support for other main characters.

Since finding out that Bonnet is alive, Brianna has had one episode to really focus on that. Okay, so there have only been five episodes so far and the premiere doesn't really count, but still. Everyone else has had their own storyline of some kind. Roger has dealt with the need to go back, Claire has her surgery and penicillin, and Jamie has the Regulator storyline.

Brianna has had one episode to focus on the fear of Bonnet coming back. While it was mentioned in Episode 5, the storyline was mostly for Roger. It was a chance for Roger to learn the truth and learn that Bree is sure Jemmy is Bonnet's child. At no point was this for Bree to deal with her fears and the PTSD.

It just feels like the writers have dropped the ball on Brianna right now. I had so much hope for her at the end of Outlander Season 4. With a lot of talk about Bree and Roger, I'd really hoped that Bree would come out as a fighter. I hoped we'd get to see her deal with the fear that Bonnet it out there and figure out how to be a great mom and wife but show the recovery after being raped.

Instead, it's all been brushed aside. At least, that's the way it feels like. She's there to give Claire someone to talk to about autopsies. She's there for Roger to work through his thoughts. Who is there for her?

The only person who has noticed Bree is dealing with anything is Marsali. We got to see a great scene, which was cut down for time constraints. We need more of this. Can Bree have her own storyline, please?

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