Outlander Season 6 work is still going on despite lockdowns

Despite lockdowns and remote working, Outlander Season 6 writing continues. Matt B. Roberts confirmed this and more in a Twitter Q&A.

TV filming may not be happening right now, but that doesn’t mean all work has stopped. In fact, Matt B. Roberts confirmed that Outlander Season 6 writing continues despite the lockdown.

Instead of meeting up in the physical writers’ room to get things done, the writing team is meeting virtually. Like many offices around the world, the writers are getting things done from home and they can meet through Zoom and other conference call software when they need to.

Roberts confirmed this through a Twitter Q&A on Sunday, April 5. While there wasn’t a new episode of Season 5, he did want to connect with the fans and answer as many questions as he could. Of course, anything that would be spoilery for Season 5 and beyond would not be answered, but he could always tease.

There were a lot of questions about Season 6, which was confirmed at the same time as the fifth season. Roberts and the writers have already started work on the season, and the writers continue to work hard. However, filming may be delayed.

The last we knew, filming for the season would begin in May 2020. Scotland is among the countries were TV show productions have completely shut down, which means Outlander is not likely going to start filming right away. The set building and location scouting can’t take place at the moment. So, it will likely mean a longer-than-expected Droughtlander, but there’s nothing anyone can do about that right now.

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That being said, the writing continuing will certainly help. There are other elements of the pre-production work that can also take place, including any set design that can be done at home and costume work that can be undertaken remotely. I’m sure the wonderful men and women who bring this show to life have it under control!

Outlander Season 5 airs an all-new episode on April 12 on STARZ.