Richard Rankin talks the importance of the locust story for Roger

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

As much as I’ve been disappointed in the writing for Bree on Outlander Season 5, I’ve enjoyed Roger’s development. That locust story was important.

There’s no doubt that I’ve been disappointed in Brianna’s storyline development on Outlander Season 5, but I will say the exact opposite for Roger. His development has felt believable and relatable, and the locust story was extremely important for him.

After the episode, the show’s social media team shared a short interview with Richard Rankin. He talked about just why this locust storyline was important for Roger.

It’s not just a chance for Roger to get a boost to his confidence. However, he certainly deserves the praise he got for his interesting way of dealing with the locusts. This scene was more about trust and expectation.

Jamie left Fraser’s Ridge in the hands of Roger. He could have left the place in the hands of Fergus, his adopted son and the man he knows is set for 18th-century living. Instead, he gave Roger a chance to prove himself; to look after the men and women of the Ridge.

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Of course, there’s absolutely no way that Jamie would have expected a Biblical plague to show up. As Roger pointed out in the episode, he expected to mend a fence or deal with a runaway cow. Jamie likely expected problems between tenants on the Ridge. He wouldn’t have expected something that would risk all the crops of every single tenant.

And Roger immediately stepped up to deal with it. He could have walked away and let the people argue between themselves. He could have turned to Fergus for advice. Instead, he took it all in his stride, proving to Jamie that Roger can be trusted to look after the livelihoods of everyone there.

What Roger lacks for in battle experience, he makes up for in inventive ways to deal with a situation. For once, the book smarts came into play. The smoke is certainly not something Jamie would have considered.

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