3 best Brianna moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 5

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Brianna told Roger the truth about Bonnet being alive in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5. Here are my favorite three moments from the episode.

I’m finding it hard to like Brianna’s storyline in Outlander Season 5. Only Episode 4 really gave her a real storyline of her own. Every other episode, apart from her wedding, has been about giving her time to support other storylines. However, there were three moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 5 that did stand out for good reasons.

I’ll admit that I went into this season with negative thoughts about Brianna’s storyline as it was. She’s one of my favorite characters for development, but the promotion for Season 5 made it clear that the writers now view her as a mother. That means limited storylines in most cases, and it is showing right now.

But I’m going to keep an open mind until I’ve seen the whole season. Then I’ll watch it all again in one binge-watch to assess my thoughts after seeing how it all plays out.

For now, these are my three favorite Brianna moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 5.

3. Saying the gem was their ticket home

Right now, it seems like Roger is the only one who wants to go back. Sure enough, Bree’s family is in the past. She wants to be with them and there’s nothing in the future left for either of them. But that won’t stop Roger thinking of what the original plan was.

And it was their original plan. One thing that I liked about this episode was Bree saying that the gem was their ticket home. She was clearly thinking it at the time and she was clearly keeping it just in case. As much as she wants to stay, there is a part of her that wonders if it’s right to go back. This is something that needs to be remembered when everyone is hating on Roger for wanting to head back.

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2. Admitting Bonnet may not have been the Irishman

Brianna tells Roger of the coin that was given to Jemmy. She then shares that it could have been Bonnet. At the same time, she tells him that it might not have been Bonnet. She just doesn’t know.

This moment in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5 tells a bigger story. It’s about how Bree feels inside. She’s terrified that Bonnet is going to come back. Believing him dead gave her some peace. She could believe that she was safe. Now she can’t do that.

Sadly, Roger shot her down with a “it’s okay, we can go back to the future” line. She needs comfort right now and a reminder that her fears are perfectly normal but she can get through this.

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1. Telling Roger the truth about Bonnet

I did appreciate Brianna telling Roger the truth about Bonnet. I don’t blame her for keeping the stone from him. Why would it have ever needed to come up? Okay, so she did skirt over the reason she went to see Bonnet (part of it would have been for sympathy but it was mostly for closure on her part) but she still told Roger the truth.

More importantly, she told him that Bonnet is still alive. This is something she could have avoided, but she trusts him to tell him this. She’s told nobody else this yet and hasn’t even told Jamie that she overheard Lord John Grey. It’s something she’s tried to deal with herself, but now she gets the chance to lean on someone; and that someone is her husband. There’s no weakness in needing support.

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What were your favorite Bree moments on Outlander Season 5, Episode 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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