Outlander recap: The time that Jamie found a cat

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Claire experienced a flashback and Jamie found a cat. Here’s everything that happened in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5, titled Perpetual Adoration.

Claire and Jamie had separate stories in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5, but they were extremely important for story and character development. Meanwhile, Roger learned the truth about Bonnet. Here’s a look at everything that happened in Outlander Season 5, Episode 5.

I’m going to split this recap into three separate focuses. After all, the storylines were mostly individualized, with crossover only to give characters someone else to talk to about their problems. I’ll start with Roger and then move onto Claire and finish with Jamie.

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Roger learns the truth

While looking after Jemmy, Roger accidentally knocks Bree’s jewelry box over. There he finds a gem, the one that Bonnet gave her. Roger knows who the gem belonged to because he recognized it from a card game while Bonnet was on the ship.

When he confronts Bree, she tells him that she went to see Bonnet and spoke to him. There she told him that Jemmy was his child, and Roger points out that it’s something that she’s never said to him. You see, despite not really knowing, she does believe that Bonnet is the father.

Roger needs to figure out what to do with that reveal. He wants to believe that he is Jemmy’s father but his own wife doesn’t believe it. And is it fair on Jemmy to keep something like this from him? More importantly, he wants to know why Bree kept the gem. Bree says it was their ticket home.


After a night of sitting out alone, Roger comes across Claire, who shares that she doesn’t regret keeping the truth from Bree for so long. When Bree was younger, she wouldn’t have understood everything that happened to Claire. Finding out the truth as an adult was messy, but the best option.

Roger returns to Bree and apologizes for his actions. This is when Brianna tells Roger that Bonnet is still alive. It’s okay because they don’t need to stay in the past. When they know that Jemmy can travel, they will. Bree clearly doesn’t want to leave her family, but she did say the gem was their ticket home.