Outlander Season 5: Defending Roger wanting to ‘go back’

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Roger wants to go back to his own time. Why would he want to do that when his family is in the past? Here’s a defense for him in Outlander Season 5.

Despite trying to make a life in the past, remaining in the 18th century was never in Roger’s plans. His family may be there, but it’s understandable that he wants to “go back.” Here’s my defense for him in Outlander Season 5.

Let’s be honest; we knew that Roger never intended to remain in the past when he first went back. He always intended to find Brianna and get them both back through the stones. It was because of Brianna that he stayed in the past.

Right now, there’s more than just Brianna keeping him there. He has Jemmy, too. Would he really leave Jemmy? Of course, not! He’s going to want to wait until they know if Jemmy can travel—if he can hear the stones. If that’s the case, then he’ll want the three of them to go back to the 20th century.

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Roger isn’t cut out for the past

While he could learn to adapt, Roger right now isn’t made for the 18th century. He’s a scholar who doesn’t know how to farm or fight.

In the past, Roger can’t do much to support his family. He wants to provide for Brianna, but he simply can’t do it. Who wants a scholar like him on Fraser’s Ridge? What could he teach apart from events that are going to happen? He’d be viewed with suspicion and danger.

Meanwhile, in his own time, Roger could easily provide for the entire family. He’s in his element.

This is going to be something we see more in the next few episodes, I imagine. Roger will realize how much he can’t do, which will make him want to head back to the 20th century even more.

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It isn’t safe to stay

The 18th century is a dangerous place, especially when he knows that the American Revolution is just around the corner. Isn’t he going to want to head back to a time that is much safer?

He’s going to want to go back to a time where he can thrive. Sure, Brianna’s parents are in the past, but he’s not really thinking of them. He’s thinking of their happiness and safety as a family.

Not only would it be safer for Roger, but he knows it would be safer for Jemmy. All Jemmy needs to do is break a bone or skin his knee and infection could set in. His son could end up dead due to something that would have been preventable in the future. And let’s not even think about the diseases like smallpox and measles, all of which could be preventable in the 20th century thanks to vaccinations.

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He’s not the only one thinking this

Before you jump on Roger for not giving the past a try, he’s not the only one in Outlander thinking about the dangers of the past. In multiple promos, we’ve seen Claire admit that the past isn’t safe. She knows that it would be better for all to return to their own time, something that she assumed would happen after Brianna warned Claire and Jamie of the house fire.

Claire could make a good argument for getting everyone to go back. It’s not like Jamie doesn’t admit the dangers of the past. Although, now that Jamie has his daughter and grandson, I could see him being a little more selfish about the matter.

If you were honest with yourself and looking at this purely from Roger’s point of view, you’d likely want to go back to the 20th century, too. I know I would!

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