Was Roger worried about Brianna or jealous of Bonnet on Outlander?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Roger saw Brianna’s drawings of Stephen Bonnet on Outlander Season 5, Episode 2. Was his reaction one or jealousy or worry?

During Outlander Season 5, Episode 2, Roger found Brianna’s drawings of Stephen Bonnet. Fans now wonder whether the look on his face is one of worry or jealousy. What could it be?

There’s no reason for Roger to be jealous of Stephen Bonnet. Fans worry that he thinks Brianna has feelings for her attacker, but he’s seen Bonnet. While the man can be charming, he’s also an awful person. This was the man Roger saw push a young girl out to sea because of smallpox.

He’ll have heard of stories. Claire and Jamie both made it clear that Bonnet had raped Brianna. While she may not have wanted to talk to anyone about it, Lizzie may have said something in private or he may have talked to Claire about it. He’ll at least have heard of the reaction Brianna had when the full truth of Roger being sold to the Mohawks came out.

Instead of jealousy, Roger would worry about his wife. He’s got no reason not to trust her, but he will fear that she’s not dealing well with the trauma of being raped.

Right now, Roger doesn’t know that Bonnet is still alive. Only Jamie knows—well, that’s what Jamie thinks. Nobody realizes that Brianna has overheard the truth. Once it all comes out, Roger will understand why Brianna has been drawing her attacker, but for now, he’ll worry that Bonnet is invading her dreams.

Roger loves Brianna. He just wants the best for her, and he wants her to be happy. For all the thoughts of wanting to head back to the 20th century, he has stayed in the past for his family; for Bree and Jemmy. He knows there’s no need to be jealous, so it’s definitely worry right now.

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