What did Bonnet say at the end of Outlander Season 5, Episode 2?

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Stephen Bonnet returned at the end of Outlander Season 5, Episode 2. It’s clear that he has plans that involve Brianna just from his last line.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand what a character says on a TV series. Outlander has had that problem a few times, especially at the end of episodes. The music can be too loud to hear over, and it means needing to turn on closed captions to understand.

Stephen Bonnet returned in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2. We’d already been warned that he’d survived the explosion at the jail, and it’s clear that this villain is going to cause trouble for Brianna. The last line at the end of the episode confirmed this, but what exactly was that line?

“After all, I’m a father now,” was the thing Bonnet said at the end.

He fully believes that Brianna’s child is his. Why wouldn’t he? She was very clear in the jail cell that the baby was his. She also made it clear that her child would never know about him. What he didn’t know was that Brianna was mistaken.

Okay, so right now, the show hasn’t confirmed that Jemmy is Roger’s. However, Diana Gabaldon has always known the truth and has confirmed it through various passages. The biggest was when there was a birthmark spotted on Jemmy’s head; a birthmark that matches Roger’s.

But for now in the series, there are still questions over Jemmy’s paternity. Roger has made it clear that he views Jemmy as his own son and now he’s not the only one. Bonnet is on his way to the Ridge to claim his son.

This will certainly cause some problems for the MacKenzies. By claiming Jemmy as his own, he could completely undermine Brianna’s reputation. It was hard enough when she was at River Run waiting for Roger to return. Now everyone will find out that she was raped—not that Bonnet will want to admit to that; he’ll likely try to twist it as consensual.


This was a time when a woman could have been forced to marry her rapist for the baby. That was why Jamie went in strong when he believed Roger was the rapist. He didn’t want to risk having to allow Bree to marry her rapist and live through that trauma.

While Bree is now married to Roger, Bonnet’s arrival could lead to some questions of legitimacy. It’s certainly setting up things for drama throughout Outlander Season 5.

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