Outlander recap: Claire makes a dangerous decision for a safer future

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

As Jamie deals with trouble in Hillsborough, Claire makes a dangerous decision. Here are the events from Outlander Season 5, Episode 2.

With the wedding over, life must go on. For Jamie, it means heading to Hillsborough with Hamilton Knox. For Claire, it means making a dangerous decision in the hope of bringing a safer future. Here’s a recap of the events from Outlander Season 5, Episode 2.

Titled “Between Two Fires,” the episode saw a number of major storylines play out with some big deviations from the novel. The title is a line Murtagh says during the episode, defending Jamie despite not being happy that he is currently on the opposite side of a war.

Murtagh causes trouble

Murtagh leads the Regulators in a rebellion at Hillsborough. Only mentioned in “The Fiery Cross,” we get to see some of the damage and fear the Regulators cause. They boil the skin of those in positions of authority and stick chicken feathers over them. It’s a horrible and painful process, and it’s no wonder some are against the Regulator’s actions.

What will surprise many is that Murtagh leads the men in this dangerous rebellion. He is all for the treatment against those in power, which does shock Jamie when he later finds out.

After all, Jamie and Knox are brought to Hillsborough because of this. They find out that three of the Regulators were captured and are in jail. They will be hanged for their involvement, but before that can happen, Hamilton gets angry and stabs one of the men; a man claiming to be Murtagh.

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Shocked by the events, Jamie lets the other two Regulators go under the cover of darkness. The two men, who we recognize from Outlander Season 4, head back to Murtagh to share their side of the events. They’re initially a little questionable of the side Murtagh is on, but he makes it clear that he wants to fight for what’s right.

We’re also very quickly introduced to Herman Husband, who will be more important later in the story.

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Claire deals with death at the Ridge

While Jamie is off dealing with all that in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2, Claire remains at the Ridge. She’s there when someone brings her husband. It turns out the man’s appendix has burst but the wife gave mercury pills as a treatment. There’s nothing Claire can do.

However, she needs to make sure that nothing happens to others on the Ridge. So, she and Roger put rocks in the coffin for the burial so she can keep the body of the husband for an autopsy. Naturally, Brianna is shocked. Should anyone find out about this, Claire would be arrested for all sorts, but Claire refuses to budge knowing that she needs to keep everyone safe.

She needs an assistant, though. Could it be Bree or Roger? Oh no! Claire turns to Marsali, who is kind and caring.

Of course, Marsali sees one look at the dead body and wonders whether Laoghaire had been right all this time about Claire being a witch. However, hearing that Claire learns on the bodies of the dead and can save the living, Marsali agrees to become Claire’s apprentice.

Claire also decides to take on the alias of Dr. Rawlings. After hearing the people at the Ridge talking about bad medical advice and refusing to listen to Claire’s, she knows she needs to pretend to be a man to get the best words of advice out there. Yes, this is going to come back to bite her a little.

Outlander, The Fiery Cross
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Brianna and Roger talk about their options

As Brianna teaches Roger how to shoot, they talk about the past and the future. Brianna can see that Roger wants to “go back.” He would like to be in his own time. Right now, that’s not possible. They don’t know if Jemmy can time travel and Roger won’t leave Bree or Jemmy behind. But should Jemmy be able to time travel, Roger wants to leave.

He’s not the only one, either. After a bad day of shooting, Claire tests Roger’s eyes but there’s nothing wrong. It asserts the idea to Roger that he’s not right for the 18th century. Claire knows that the future would be safer and would like them to go back.

Brianna clearly doesn’t want to head back through the stones. Her family is in the past. There’s nothing for her in the 20th century. It’s a conversation these two will end up having again.

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At the very end of the episode, Jamie is left with the knowledge that he needs to build his militia. The Regulators aren’t going to stop with Hillsborough.

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