How Bonnet could cause trouble for Bree and Roger on Outlander

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Stephen Bonnet is back on Outlander Season 5, and that means trouble. Just what could he do that causes upset for Brianna and Roger?

If you thought Stephen Bonnet had perished in the explosion at the jail, you’d be sadly mistaken. The villain is back in Outlander Season 5. Naturally, that means trouble. What could it mean for Brianna and Roger specifically?

Bonnet being alive and believing that he has a child is going to lead to some dangerous situations for the MacKenzies. He puts Brianna and Roger’s family in direct danger, and here’s why.

He puts doubt on Jemmy’s paternity

By claiming to be Jemmy’s father, Bonnet could cast doubt on the boy’s paternity. It doesn’t matter that Roger has claimed Jemmy as his own and married Brianna. The idea that Bonnet could be the father would lead to people talking.

There’s no way that Brianna would want anyone to know that she was raped. In the 18th century, there was plenty of victim blaming or people just wouldn’t believe that it was rape. You saw how Jamie reacted in the fourth season, at one point claiming that Brianna had lied about the rape to cover up her shame in being with a man other than Roger.

The people of the Ridge could start talking. They could start to look at Brianna and Roger in another light, which could cause problems when it comes to respect and honor.

Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

He could have a claim to Jemmy

As Jemmy’s father, it would be possible for Bonnet to have a claim to the boy. Before Brianna had married Roger, he could have forced Brianna to marry him. To avoid the shame, fathers in the 18th century would have forced their daughters to marry their rapists. Now, we know Jamie would never do this, but right now, Jamie isn’t at the Ridge to protect his daughter.

Nor is Roger. At least, he won’t be in Outlander Season 5, Episode 3. He’s heading off with Jamie to build the militia. This opens up Bonnet to take some dangerous steps.

We know Bonnet doesn’t care about anyone else. He could decide to kidnap Jemmy. Claiming to be his father, it would be hard for someone to say that he needs to give the child back. Fortunately, Brianna and Roger’s marriage has been consummated, but there could have been the chance of a suggestion that their marriage wasn’t valid had it not been.

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Playing mind games with the MacKenzies

The biggest issue for Brianna and Roger is the mind games. Brianna knows that Bonnet is still alive. That’s left her fearing for her and Jemmy’s safety. She is struggling to sleep and has spent a lot of time drawing her attacker.

Roger doesn’t know Bonnet is alive, but he has seen the drawings. He’s worried about Brianna’s mental state. Not even knowing he’s alive, Bonnet is playing on Roger’s mind. Imagine the reaction when he finds out the truth.

Bonnet likes to play mind games. Even if he doesn’t show up for Jemmy, just the knowledge that he’s out there causes problems.

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Are you ready for the drama with Bonnet? What do you hope to see happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Outlander airs Sundays at 8/7c on STARZ. Watch Outlander with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /