Bree and Roger will communicate better in Outlander Season 5

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We know one of the biggest problems for Roger and Brianna on Outlander Season 4 was the lack of clear communication. That's all going to change in Season 5.

Communication is essential for any couple, but not everyone is good at it. From what we've seen of Outlander so far, Roger and Brianna aren't the best at communicating. That's going to start to change in Outlander Season 5.

For those who have read the books, you roughly know what's coming. However, I'm going to keep this post spoiler-free except for everything that was said in the ET Canada interview with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. The two teased a little of things to come for their characters.

One of the things to come is better communication. Some of their arguments came from lack of communicating clearly. We just have to look at how Roger didn't quite think about telling Bree that he had tried to tell her about her mom but she'd already gone to the past by that point. That led to an argument that would have a knock-on effect---and this isn't to blame anyone but Stephen Bonnet for what happened to Bree (and later Roger), but it shows the seriousness of clear communication.

That doesn't mean the two will be happy all the time. There are going to be some ups and downs. That is just part of being Roger and Bree. They are both passionate and fiery people, and they are certainly both stubborn. It's not surprising that they have a few more arguments here and there, and some of them may or may not involve heading back to the future.

Skelton shared that Bree and Roger are together and they're more "solidified." They're ready for anything that comes their way and will battle that together. It's certainly going to be fun to see them working as a team, something that Rankin says they are.

There is a chance to explore the relationship more this season compared to last season. What doesn't help is cutting the information in the 800+ pages of books to 12-13 episodes per season. It means a lot of material is condensed and that had an effect on showing Bree and Roger's relationship. Season 5 allows them both to explore more.

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What are you excited to see in Outlander Season 5 for Brianna and Roger? What do you hope is included in the books for the two of them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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