3 best Brianna moments in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2

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2. Teaching Roger how to shoot

Brianna spends some time with Roger, helping him learn to shoot. It’s something Roger has never needed to know how to do. Raised by a minister, he wouldn’t have wanted to shoot anything. He was raised to try to preserve life and is almost a pacifist.

However, Brianna knows that he needs to learn to shoot. And so, she takes him to quiet places in the woods. There’s no judgment and she doesn’t laugh at his inabilities. She just gives him tips on being better at it.

This also opens her up to the discussion about Roger wanting to go back. Brianna is in a tough place, wanting to be with her parents but also wanting Roger to be happy. We see the dilemma she’s facing.

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1. Mentions of Otter Tooth

When Claire is writing out the “Dr. Rawlings Recommends” leaflets, Brianna brings up Otter Tooth. He was mentioned at the end of the fourth season, and we learn that he was the skull that Claire had found. Brianna is scared that something similar is going to happen.

She understands Claire’s needs to get the good medical advice out. At the same time, Bree just wants to keep her own growing family safe. She wants to make sure people aren’t going to come after them for their futuristic (and suspicious) ways.

I love that Otter Tooth is mentioned. It reminds us of that brief story and the weight that the story holds for those from the future. They need to walk between the two fires of safety and progressiveness.

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