5 best moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 2

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Outlander, The Fiery Cross
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4. Marsali’s reaction to the autopsy

Ah, Marsali’s reaction to Claire doing an autopsy was priceless. I loved that it brought up the stories that Laoghaire had told her, making Marsali initially wonder whether Claire was, in fact, a witch.

After that, Marsali took Claire’s word for it. She listened to what Claire had to say and then agreed to becoming Claire’s apprentice. I adore this storyline change from “The Fiery Cross.” If the show completely drops the Malva storyline, I won’t be disappointed!

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3. Shooting practice

Seeing Brianna and Roger get to spend some time together was brilliant. We got to see them communicate, sharing their own feelings about the past and the events that are happening. It’s clear that Brianna has resigned to remaining in the past but Roger wants to head back to his own time.

It wasn’t an argument, but an understanding. They two listened to each other and communicated fully. This is the complete opposite to Outlander Season 4, showing us that the two have certainly developed personally after the events they’ve been through. There’s hope for the two of them.