Marsali’s reaction to Claire in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2 was priceless

Claire turned to Marsali when she realized she needed help in the surgery. Of course, Marsali’s reaction was priceless in Outlander Season 5, Episode 2.

Outlander Season 5, Episode 2 saw Claire take a big step in her surgery. Not only did she decide it was time to make penicillin, but she also knew that she needed to do autopsies. On top of that, she realized she needed help, and Marsali was always going to be the perfect choice.

Brianna isn’t into the medical profession. As an engineer, she wants to figure out how to make things work and build or fix things. Claire needs someone who will stomach the illnesses and deal with blood and guts. Seeing Marsali get to work on chopping up a pig made it clear this was the family member Claire could trust.

When Marsali saw the open body on the table in the surgery, she immediately took a step back. Not only was she shocked, but everything her mother had once told her came back to her. Could it be that Laoghaire was right after all this time? Was Claire a witch?

It’s understandable why Marsali would suddenly believe this. The people of the time wouldn’t do autopsies. They not only didn’t believe there was anything to learn but they also believed it was desecrating the dead. Remember that Marsali doesn’t know that Claire is from the future. She would expect Claire to have many of the same thoughts about the dead as all the others, even if Claire is a little strange.

For the last few years, Marsali’s opinion of Claire has changed. She initially looked at Claire as a homewrecker of sorts; someone that made Jamie leave Laoghaire. We won’t get into the real details of that relationship. This is just something Marsali would have believed. And Marsali would have heard all sorts of ridiculous stories from Laoghaire about Claire.

Over the years, Marsali has learned more about Claire. She’s seen Claire at work with the sick and even gone to her for advice. Their friendship has changed to one of love and respect, so it’s natural to want to believe that Claire is doing something good even though her gut right away is telling her that opening up a dead body is wrong.

We got those mixed emotions as Marsali immediately thought of accusations of witchcraft. It really was the perfect comedic moment thrown into quite a dark episode.

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