25 most romantic moments from Outlander: The wedding night joins the list

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

There’s a new romantic moment in town. The wedding night has made it to the list of most romantic moments on Outlander so far.

As a new season starts up, we start looking for moments that could go on some of our biggest lists. We want to keep them updated, after all, truly representing Outlander so far. In terms of most romantic moments, the wedding night from Season 5’s premiere belongs on the list.

Take a look at the full list of 25 most romantic moments from Outlander so far. You’ll see where this wedding night has landed, along with 24 other romantic moments from the series so far.

While not as romantic as Claire and Jamie’s wedding, this night was full of passion. And it wasn’t just our young married couple that get the recognition. Claire and Jamie had a moment together, even though it was as sneakily as possible while the bairn slept, and Jocasta and Murtagh got a sneaky night of passion.

That’s what makes this so special. It’s a moment for all three of our couples, and we all have our favorites for various reasons. They each have a night in their own way, bringing them together but not all of them 100% connecting.

Something else that makes it stand out is Roger. Before he and Brianna consummate their marriage, he plays her a song. Not “Yesterday” as he played in “The Fiery Cross,” but one that spoke volumes for the specific scenes playing out throughout this moment.

Roger playing a song to Brianna is something that is wholly Roger. It shows his care and love for his bride, bringing out a spark of his personality. It’s a hint of things to come (good and bad) and makes the wedding something completely different to Claire and Jamie’s back in Season 1.

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What did you think of Bree and Roger’s wedding night? Which moments do you think belong on our list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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