Outlander: 25 most romantic moments so far

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Outlander Season 5

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Claire and Jamie have certainly had some beautiful moments. Brianna and Roger are joining them in the romance department. What are the most romantic moments in Outlander so far?

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means a time to look at favorite couples, romantic moments, and love stories. Outlander is certainly full of swoon-worthy moments. There are some hot and steamy parts throughout each season, but what about the romance?

Romance can take many forms. It can be within the hot and steamy moments, but it can also be in the quieter moments; the actions that the characters do to profess their love. Sometimes, it’s in the moments long before we got to know the characters.

For this Valentine’s Day, I’m looking at the most romantic moments in Outlander so far. This is more than just looking at Claire and Jamie’s best moments. There is more than one love story within the show now. There are side characters to consider – some side characters are becoming main characters in the story.

I know for a fact not everyone is going to agree with my top picks. We all have something that we connect to more than others in stories. There are particular moments in the show that mean more to us than others.

One thing I will say is that this is only about the TV show. I’m not completely caught up with the books yet. I know there are many readers who aren’t book readers (or Audible listeners), so I’ve made a choice to only stick to the TV show. Here are the 25 most romantic moments in Outlander so far.

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