5 best Jamie moments from the Outlander Season 5 premiere

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4. Turning to Claire for help

Things were strained between Claire and Jamie in the second half of Outlander Season 3. That’s not all that surprising considering their lives were on vastly different paths in different time periods for 20 years. But now, they’re back together, and they’re stronger than ever.

We get to see Jamie treat Claire as his equal during the Outlander Season 5 premiere. He makes it clear that he wants to hear her opinion about what to do with the militia. He needs to understand more about things to come and figure out what he should do. Ignoring the order would brand Jamie as a traitor. Jamie can’t allow that, even if Tryon would negate on his oath the minute it suited him.

I’ve always loved seeing the two as equals, as partners. There’s more to come in Outlander Season 5.

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3. Talk with Brianna

Before the wedding, Jamie walks into Claire’s surgery with something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Brianna loves that her father remembered this, making it clear that she told him about the tradition and he wanted to offer something of her time in this current time.

We get more than that in this moment, though. Seeing Brianna get married, giving her away, it’s not something he ever expected to happen. He had sacrificed his chance to be with his wife and child when they were younger for Culloden, for their safety. And in this moment, we get to see all the emotions shine through.

Heughan barely has to say a word. You can see the joy and pride on his face.