Outlander Season 5 will see continued tensions between Jamie and Roger

Outlander Season 5 key art -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 key art -- Courtesy of STARZ /

After everything that happened in Outlander Season 4, it’s not going to be easy for Jamie and Roger moving forward. Outlander Season 5 sees tension.

If you thought that Jamie and Roger would finally start to get on well in Outlander Season 5, you’ll be disappointed to be wrong. There are continued tensions, which is something the sneak peek between them teased.

According to Radio Times, Richard Rankin shared that the tension between father- and son-in-law would continue. After all, there’s one thing that Jamie is going to hold over Roger’s head: the fact that he didn’t return right away. In Jamie’s eyes, this was a sign of weakness. (In my eyes, it was the right thing for both Roger and Brianna.)

What also doesn’t help is that they’re different faiths. Jamie is Catholic while Roger is Presbyterian. It shouldn’t be all that surprising to hear that Jamie isn’t exactly going to trust Roger. Of course, in a time where Roger is from, there’s a little more tolerance between the two different denominations of the Christian religion.

There are some amusing moments that come up due to faith in “The Fiery Cross.” Expect some of them to take place in Outlander Season 5.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some good points in their relationship. After all, both of them have thing in common: they love Brianna and Jemmy. Roger’s marriage to Brianna binds them as family, so Jamie is going to have to get over his distrust.

Jamie also wants to make sure that Roger is safe. It’s not easy for Roger, raised as a scholar in the 20th century. Naturally, Roger doesn’t have the skills to live and work in the 18th century. He needs to find something to do. And he doesn’t have the skills to fight, but he’ll be expected to be part of Jamie’s militia due to his age. There’s no way Jamie would want the death of his son-in-law on his conscience, so he’ll do what he can to protect him.

We’re certainly in for a fun dynamic between Jamie and Roger in the fifth season. There are plenty of ups and downs as the two men from different times try to understand and work with each other.

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Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.