Outlander Season 5 sneak peek: Breaking down the Jamie/Roger moment

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

After the initial flashback, the Outlander Season 5 sneak peek gives us a moment between Jamie and Roger. Here’s a breakdown of that scene.

Outlander Season 5’s sneak peek gave us a moment between Jamie and Roger. There is a lot to breakdown from the moment, hinting at things to come in the future.

This sneak peek certainly delighted many, including Diana Gabaldon. It was a clip that started with a beautiful flashback between Murtagh and Jamie, highlighting the bond the two have that could end up being broken due to loyalties and family. However, that flashback moved to the “present-day” with Jamie and Roger preparing for Roger’s wedding.

Here’s a breakdown of the moments and why they’re important moving forward.

The tools of the 18th century

There was a discussion of tools in the 18th century, tools that Roger would need if he was to add a loft to the cabin. Brianna is the one who has drawn up the plans, but it’s clear that Roger will need help. He’s not got the skills, especially with the tools from the 18th century.

But it’s not just that. Roger is learning how to use a cutthroat razor for the first time. He would shave with a standard 1960s razor, never needing one of the deadly tools. Jamie takes the time to teach his son-in-law from the future, building a bond between them.

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A discussion of fears

Roger shares his worries about what he can offer Brianna. If he was in the future, he would be in the perfect position. That’s not the case in the 18th century.

He can’t farm, can’t ride a horse, and he can’t even shave. What good is he as a husband. Jamie tries to be somewhat positive, but you can also tell that he judges Roger. This is a man he’s leaving to look after his daughter, and he wants to make sure Brianna is set for life. What good is a man not suited for the 18th century?

However, Jamie clearly tries to put his thoughts aside. After all, it’s not Roger’s fault that he’s from the future. And Roger has the knowledge of the past but the skills of a man of his own time.

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Two men with one woman in their hearts

When Jamie gives Roger the ring that Murtagh made, there’s a point about the ring having to be good enough for his daughter. When Jamie married Claire, he had to work with what he had. That meant using the key to Lallybroch, which had its own special meaning. Later, Jamie replaced the ring with one Murtagh made since the Lallybroch ring was stolen.

Now it was time to make sure Brianna was set from the beginning. No copper or brass. This ring would become a special family heirloom in the future, made from silver from Ellen’s candlesticks (at least, that’s my assumption). Jamie and Roger both hold Brianna in their hearts.

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Building trust

Jamie took over Roger shaving, which showed the need for trust between them. Jamie wasn’t exactly gentle with Roger’s head, but he did make sure the skin wasn’t knicked at all. He showed off his skill, but it meant Roger needed to trust that Jamie wouldn’t slice his throat!

There’s still a lot of trust that needs to be built between the two characters, especially for Roger. The ordeal with the Mohawks wouldn’t have happened had Jamie not stopped to ask questions first. That’s going to be at the back of Roger’s mind for some time.

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What do you take from the Jamie/Roger moment in the Outlander Season 5 sneak peek? What are you excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.