5 biggest questions after the Outlander Season 5 trailer

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

The Outlander Season 5 trailer has certainly left us excited. We also have plenty of questions about what to expect in the new season.

STARZ has released the Outlander Season 5 key art and trailer to kick start the new year. There’s absolutely no doubt that we’re excited about the new season, but the trailer left us with a lot of new questions.

This is a season of battles, of history, and of loyalty. Jamie is caught between two sides, choosing one family for another. Meanwhile, Roger and Brianna find themselves choosing between their own time and their family. And then there’s Claire, who just wants to use her medical knowledge for good in the 18th century, even if it means playing God.

With so many questions after the Outlander Season 5 trailer, it can get overwhelming. Here are the five biggest questions for the new season.

I’ll admit now that the biggest question of all isn’t on this list. I’ve already looked at that question separately, so this is about other questions we now have. This also won’t touch on storylines in the books for those who want to remain spoiler-free going into Outlander Season 5. I fully respect that decision!

5. What is Brianna riding towards?

There’s a short clip of Brianna on a horse riding across a beach. There’s nobody else around and we don’t see what she’s riding from. It looks like she’s riding towards something because she doesn’t look behind her.

It’s possible that she’s just riding free in the Colonies. But there’s also a chance she’s heading towards Roger or maybe even Claire and Jamie to warn them about something.

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4. Is Claire really playing God?

Brianna asks Claire if saving people is like playing God. I guess in a way it is, but at the same time, Claire is a doctor. She wants to “do no harm” and help as many as she can. This means assessing their illnesses and figure out what it is they’re suffering from.

The question possibly should be whether playing God is really a bad thing. We know that Claire can’t change major events in history. Is changing small things like keeping people alive really that bad?

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3. What’s going on between Jocasta and Murtagh?

There’s a short clip of Murtagh kneeling in front of Jocasta and then Jocasta crying. What does this scene mean? When will it take place?

My theory is that Murtagh knows that he needs to leave Jocasta. After all, she’s not going to choose to leave her life at River Run. Not only is she accustomed to that life, but her blindness makes it extremely difficult to live some sort of life on the run. It’s better their relationship ends now.

Outlander Season 5 key art — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 key art — Courtesy of STARZ /

2. Will we get flashes of the past/future

The start of the Outlander Season 5 trailer offers clips of previous seasons. We don’t just see Claire, but also Jamie. Is this a hint that we’re going to get flashes of the past (or more like the future)?

We know there’s a good chance of this. During filming, Caitriona Balfe was spotted wearing her 1960s clothing, suggesting some sort of flash to Claire’s past. However, could there be more or even just a discussion of things that have happened?

1. Which side is John Quincy Myers on?

Just before the moment with Jamie in the British Army uniform, there’s a clip of John Quincy Myers and others with pistols in hand. They’re on some sort of battlefield and it looks like they’re opposite the British Army. Does that mean John Quincy Myers has joined the Regulators?

During filming, we got to see clips of Kyle Rees with Sam Heughan and Cesar Domboy. They were all together, with it looking like John Quincy Myers was part of the militia with Fergus and Jamie. Is it possible that the clips of the “two” sides is just well shown and we actually have one side ready for the battle against the Regulators?

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What are your biggest questions after the Outlander Season 5 trailer? What do you hope to see during the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.