25 Days of MacBree-mas Day 24: Is there anything in the future for Bree and Roger to return to?

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Outlander Season 5 suggests that Roger and Brianna will debate a return to the future. Is there anything for them to go back to?

In the Outlander Season 5 promo, it's clear that Roger wants to head back to his own time. Considering what is going to happen to him, that's not all that surprising. However, Brianna wants to remain in the past. While we've already looked at whether Roger would leave Brianna behind, there's another question in play. Is there anything for the two to return to in the future?

Roger has his life

The future is the place the whole of Roger MacKenzie's life is. It's not a surprise considering that he ends up being the one that wants to return to the future. He isn't the one that ever wanted to go to the past.

In fact, the only things in the past are Brianna and Jemmy. They're his family, yes, but Brianna can step back through the stones. There's a strong chance Jemmy can (and we know the full truth in the books). They could head back to the future with him.

Roger is a man of his time. He's skilled for the 20th century, with his focus always being on history. This is a man who has admitted he's not skilled for the 18th century.

However, family will win. His life may be in his time, but his family isn't there. He will choose his family.

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center

Brianna has nothing

While Brianna has friends in the future, she has nothing there. Her family is in the past. Claire and Jamie are both there, and now she's met her brother, Fergus, and sister-in-law, Marsali. There's also a chance she'll meet her half-brother, Willie.

She's not even sure her own son can travel through the stones. While the time-traveling ability is in a gene, there's no guarantee Jemmy has it (we know the truth). Brianna would never leave him behind.

There are plenty of home comforts in her time. Sure, at one point, she was going to go back. However, there's too much in the past and not enough in the future for her to go back through the stones.

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The two will need to compromise

Roger and Brianna will have a decision to make in Outlander Season 5. They'll need to decide whether the future has anything that will make them want to head back. With Brianna's life solely in the past, it's going to be a decision Roger makes. Is he willing to compromise for love?

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What would you like to see for Brianna and Roger? Is there anything in the future for them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.