Was THAT Jamie moment in the Outlander Season 5 trailer a major spoiler or a tease?

There's a particular Jamie moment in the Outlander Season 5 trailer that shocked everyone. Was it a major spoiler or just a tease to get us excited?

Outlander is known for keeping spoilers carefully guarded to the chest. There were barely any costume reveals during filming, which makes on particular Jamie moment in the Outlander Season 5 trailer exceptionally shocking.

You know the moment I mean. There's a moment where Jamie is dressed in a red coat. THE red coat of the British Army. He's standing on the battlefield opposite the Regulators, and it's clear that the deal he made with the devil back in the Season 4 premiere is coming to fruition in Season 5.

But was this moment actually a major spoiler? I know show-first fans will be shocked by the reveal, but so are book-first fans. This is a moment that's not actually in the books. While Diana Gabaldon doesn't describe too many of Jamie's outfits when he's on the battlefield, there's a moment where Roger questions how everyone knows who is on each side. That should mean Jamie and his militia aren't dressed as Redcoats.

So, in a way, this is a major spoiler. But at the same time, I view it as a tease to get us excited.

The big reveal certainly has us talking and speculating. It turns out that Sam Heughan was the one who suggested the uniform, which shows that he's had a major part in discussions now that he's a producer (yay!) so let's avoid complaining "but it's not in the book" for now, hey? Let's look at this as something major and exciting.

There's going to be a huge storyline around the use of this coat. Jamie will have mixed feelings. Even Claire will have mixed feelings. It cements Jamie on a particular side. While it's the winning side at Alamance, it's the losing side overall and it could affect the way friends and family view him.

So, while it is somewhat of a spoiler, there's so much more to this one clip. That, for me, makes it more of a tease than a major spoiler reveal. We have no idea why Jamie has dressed in this.

Plus, who now isn't super excited to see the fifth season on TV? From the teaser, I started getting Season 2 vibes and that continues now.

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What did you think of Jamie when you saw him in the British Army uniform? What do you think the story around it will be? Is it a spoiler or a tease? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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