Outlander Season 5 casting: Who is Bronwyn James?

Bronwyn James will step into the role of Fanny Beardsley on Outlander Season 5. Want to know more about the actress? Here’s a look at her previous roles.

Outlander is finally offering up some of the new cast members joining the series. One of those new additions is Bronwyn James, who will take on the role of Fanny Beardsley in Season 5. Before we can get into who Fanny will be in the series, it’s important to look at the actress taking on the role.

You’ve likely heard of Bronwyn James. You’ll have certainly seen her on your screens. Here’s a look at who she is, a hint of what she could offer to the series.

Professional credits since 2016

James is a relatively young actress in the world of TV and movies, getting her first professional role in 2016, according to her IMDb profile. However, Bustle also shares that she only graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in 2015.

Her first role was as Shirley in the National Theatre Live: Hangman production. Since then, she has gained numerous regular recurring guest star and series regular roles.

Some of her most notable roles include DC Muriel Yeardsley in Wild Bill and Fanny Lambert in Harlots. Yes, really, another character called Fanny.

Period drama experience

It’s important to note that she has experience in period dramas, which means experience in the clothing and the stance she’ll need to take for her role in Outlander Season 5. That experience isn’t just from Harlots. She’s also been in the BBC/Amazon series The ABC Murders, an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel, and had a role in the 2018 Christmas special of Call the Midwife.

While some of these period dramas are a different time period to her upcoming role, they show her ability to switch to different time periods. They show her ability as an actress. After all, it’s not easy to play roles of characters in different eras.

Active on social media

James is on social media. You can follow her on Twitter and on Instagram, where she shares some behind the scenes footage of previous shows that she’s been on. The majority of the Outlander cast is active on some form of social media, which helps them connect more to the audience.

Right now, she’s only retweeted and shared the casting announcement. However, as we get closer to her character arriving on our screens, I’m sure we’ll see more.

What have you seen Bronwyn James in? What do you hope to see from her in Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below?

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.