Outlander’s Gary Lewis is in His Dark Materials on HBO

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Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images /

If you’re looking for a TV show to watch to get through Droughtlander, His Dark Materials is one to turn to. Gary Lewis guest stars in the premiere.

While there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Droughtlander is still ongoing. We stuck looking for other shows to watch to get through it. There’s a new suggestion making the rounds: His Dark Materials. This isn’t just because of the period setting or the fact that it’s based on a book series, but also because Gary Lewis guest stars in the series.

You know Lewis best as Colum MacKenzie, the mighty Laird of Clan MacKenzie. This is a man who didn’t let his disability get the better of him, making it clear that he was a force to be reckoned with.

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Off-camera, Lewis is one of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s completely down to earth and 100% happy to meet his fans. While chatting, you’ll feel so at ease, like you’ve known him for years. In fact, everything about him was one of my favorite parts of Sasnak City. One thing he managed to keep under wraps, though, was his role in His Dark Materials.

Watch His Dark Materials on HBO with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels!
Watch His Dark Materials on HBO with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

Gary Lewis plays Thorold in the first episode. Sadly, it’s a small part—we’d love for it to be much bigger because he deserves it—but it’s worth checking out the series from the very beginning. You’ll only end up finding yourself drawn into this fantasy world that is fast-paced, magical, and dramatic.

Granted, we’re only onto the first episode right now. Other episodes will be released on HBO weekly, so there is a chance that Himself will appear again.

His Dark Materials is based on the book trilogy by Philip Pullman. There’s already been a movie adaptation in the form of The Golden Compass, but it didn’t quite see the success hoped for and the rest of the movies weren’t made. The HBO and BBC series is another chance, and has already experienced good reviews and has already been renewed for a second season.

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His Dark Materials airs Mondays on HBO.