Can the Outlander novel titles be found in earlier books?

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One Outlander fan noticed something interesting about the novel titles. Some can be found in earlier books. Was this something planned?

Have you noticed that some of the novel titles can be found in previous Outlander books? “Dragonfly in Amber” is referenced in the first book, while “Voyager” is mentioned in the second book. Was this by chance or something that was planned.

It’s something an eagle-eyed fan asked on Twitter. Diana Gabaldon does try to answer many a question on Twitter, especially ones that are so respectful or have found something that isn’t normally shared (it’s something that I love about following Gabaldon on social media). It turns out that the titles being in previous books is just by chance.

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In a short reply, Gabaldon explained that she doesn’t come up with the titles right away. They usually come to her later in the novels. Usually, a couple of years into the writing.

It’s easy to see where “Dragonfly in Amber” came from. The gift from Hugh Monroe fell out of Jamie’s pocket while on Culloden and that’s where it remained to become part of the museum collection. “Voyager” comes from the voyage that the Frasers end up on.

However, it is an interesting coincidence. What it does show is the way the writing can come together. It shows the connection between the novels, the way they flow from one to another. Even if happenstance, the stories still flow and weave together.

Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to tell why a novel is titled the way it is right away. It can often take time in the reading to see where the titles come from, which still makes many worried about who is gone in the ninth book considering the title “Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone.”

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What do you think of the titles in the novels? Did you find the subsequent book titles mentioned in the books? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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