Outlander: The transformation of Lord John Grey and Claire’s relationship on the TV show

Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time
Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time /

There’s a lot of focus on Lord John Grey and Jamie’s bond, but what of that between LJG and Claire? Here’s a look at the transformation on Outlander so far.

When it comes to Lord John Grey, a lot of the relationship focus is that between him and Jamie Fraser. However, the Outlander TV show has developed another bond. Lord John Grey and Claire Fraser have their own unique bond, developed through one conversation while John was sick.

It’s #TransformationTuesday today, and it feels like the right time to delve into the development of this bond. How did they transform from a young man just wanting to protect an English woman from the Scots to a man who doesn’t necessarily like Claire but appreciates her and sometimes finds he wants her in his life?

This is just based on the TV show. I’ll involve nothing from the novels for those who aren’t caught up just yet!

An act of chivalry

Claire and Lord John Grey actually met in Outlander Season 2. Before Culloden, John attempted to kill Jamie, but Jamie was one step ahead of him. Surrounded by Scots, John certainly attempted to put up a fight, and when he found out an English woman was there, he immediately believed she was a prisoner.

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As a way to protect herself, Jamie, and this young man, Claire and Jamie put on a charade. John acted out of duty and chivalry to protect this “prisoner” and prevent her being raped by numerous Scots.

It’s a shame that this isn’t something Claire could have thought about when she first reunites with Lord John Grey. Instead, the focus is on John’s clear infatuation with Jamie, and she’s immediately jealous.

On the outside, there’s no need for her to be jealous. It’s not like Jamie is going to choose John over her, but emotions aren’t always logical. And it doesn’t help that Lord John Grey is jealous of Claire.

Conversations during a fever

The strained, jealous relationship between Lord John Grey and Claire continues until Outlander Season 4, Episode 6. The two realize that they have far more in common than they ever believed.

During a high fever after contracting the measles, Lord John Grey admits that he once could have had his way with Jamie. It was all to protect Willie. We knew the circumstances, but Claire certainly didn’t. It wasn’t surprising to see that she was shocked and hurt by Lord John’s words. However, Claire also knew that he had a high fever.

Outlander Season 4, Episode 6 live stream
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Afterward, the two were able to talk properly. John was able to apologize for his feverish outburst, while also explaining how he feels. He can be a good husband, but he will never gain satisfaction in a relationship. He will never be able to satisfy a woman in the way that Claire is able to satisfy Jamie (and vice versa).

This soon brings the two closer. Claire realizes that John’s feelings are the way she felt in her marriage to Frank. She wanted to love Frank and be a good wife, but she could never give him everything he needed from her.

Claire and John are one and the same. In this moment, their bond grew deeper. They two still have their jealous feelings, but there’s more empathy between them, something John can’t share with anyone else, even Jamie.

It’s a beautiful development when you look closely at it. This is why I adored the scenes between Claire and John in Outlander Season 4. They were needed for the strengthening of this relationship.

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What did you think of the developed bond between Lord John Grey and Claire Fraser? Which relationship would you like to see more time on in Outlander? Share in the comments below.

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