Outlander: Sophie Skelton explains why Brianna is so difficult to like

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Brianna seems to be one of those characters you love or hate. Sophie Skelton has recently shared why Bree is so difficult to like in Outlander.

When it comes to the Outlander fandom, there seems to be a divide on Brianna. Some fans like her and others just can’t stand her. Sophie Skelton understands the unlikability of the character and has an idea why that is.

During an interview with Parade, her growth as the character over the last few seasons was brought up. When initially introduced in the Season 2 finale, Bree certainly seemed like a bratty teenager, and Skelton shares that’s because she was. Fans of the books will often also admit that this was the character of the books — and they didn’t necessarily like her when reading the character in “Drums of Autumn.”

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However, there’s a different side to her shown throughout Seasons 3 and into Season 4. Brianna has to grow up, making her more likable for many.

The truth is, Brianna isn’t likable because she doesn’t even know herself. She remains closed off, refusing to let anyone in and focusing on purely what she wants. In a sense, she’s a selfish character and selfish characters tend to be some of the most unlikable on screen (and in books). After all, it means they’re doing things for themselves and not necessarily the good of some of our favorite protagonists.

But she wasn’t just selfish. Brianna is a confused teenager, grieving the loss of a father who she’d argued with shortly before. There was a lot of things left unsaid between them and a lot of regrets. And while that’s a cliché trope when it comes to character deaths in fiction, it goes a long way to explain more of the turmoil Brianna feels inside.

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Skelton shares that Brianna isn’t necessarily bad, but she is a misunderstood person. She’s guarded and the only time in Season 3 we really got to see her feel something was when she supported Claire going back to the past. That was when she finally let Roger look out for her and there were tears as she said goodbye.

We should get to see more of this in future episodes of Outlander. Season 4 gave us more of a stronger character, and someone willing to ask others for help. Now she’ll need to be a wife and mother in a time that isn’t her own. She’s no longer the confused teenager, but a young woman who knows more of what she’s capable of and what she wants to gain out of life.

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What did you think of Brianna when she was first introduced? Do you think she’s one of the more misunderstood characters in Outlander? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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